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Home Remedies for Heartburn

Home Remedies for Heartburn

Top 10 Home Remedies for Heartburn: Heart burn can be regarded as one of the most irritating and annoying health issues that a person might face. Heart burn is basically a situation in which you feel like your heart is burning and so is your chest. The main reason why you have to encounter the issue of heart burn is the fact that your gastric fluid tends to move back from your stomach to your body and the food you have eaten doesn’t get digest completely. However, in extreme conditions, the heart burn might be because of some stomach injury. If you keep on using the most famous and the most effective home remedies in order to get rid of the heartburn and still do not get any prevention for the disease, you might need to go to a doctor. When you see the dinning table filled with yummy and delicious food items and cant seem to stop eating the amazing food placed in front of you. For the time being, you love to eat the food but later on, you feel uneasiness as it gets stuck on your chest and leads you to feeling heart burn. In addition to this, another thing that leads to heart burn is eating food at times that are quite late in the night. when you eat food late at night and go to bed straight from the dinning table to sleep, the food doesn’t get digested completely and causes heart burn issue. For some people, the issue is hereditary because of their age. Old aged people feel heartburn issue quite a lot even if they eat on the right quantity and that too on the right time. Their digestive system gets weak and it leads to heartburn. However, you do not need to worry of you become a victim of heart burn. there are many top 10 home remedies for heartburn issue as soon as possible.

Top 10 Home Remedies for Heartburn

Top 10 Home Remedies for Heartburn
Top 10 Home Remedies for Heartburn

Heartburn Home Remedies #1 Baking Soda:

One of the most effective remedies of heartburn is by consuming baking soda. You can either mix a tea spoon of baking soda into a glass full of water or can eat the baking soda separately and swallow it with the help of water. It will instantly help you digesting the food that is causing the heartburn.

Heartburn Home Remedies #2 Aloe Vera Juice:

One of the must trusted and most efficient remedies of heart burn is consuming the right amount of aloe Vera juice. You can either buy the aloe Vera juice available in the market or can take it out yourself from the aloe Vera plant placed in your garden. All you need to do is to take out the gel present inside the leaf and mix it with water. Drinking it three times a day helps you getting rid of the problem you have encountered.

Heartburn Home Remedies #3 Right Posture:

Lying down on the bed and trying to sleep when you are having the heart burn issue further accelerates the issue. Laying down causes the gastric fluid to further move up your body which should not happen in the case of heartburn. Try to sit straight or stand having your chin high.

Heartburn Home Remedies #4 Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar can be used as one of the most magical products that have come up for the help of the human being. No matter what problem you encounter, it gets solved by using apple cider vinegar in one way or the other. In this case, all you need to do is to mix one fourth portion of apple cider vinegar with water and drink it twice a day,

Heartburn Home Remedies #5 Avoiding Alcohol:

Drinking alcohol with an empty stomach leads to heart burn. in the same manner, when you are already dealing with the heartburn disease, you must try your level best to refrain from consuming alcohol as it will lead to worsening the situation. In the same manner, try not to smoke when you are already feeling heartburn.

Heartburn Home Remedies #6 Mustard:

Consuming some small amount of mustard also helps you in getting rid of the heartburn you are feeling after too much of the food. All you need to do is to take a spoon full of mustard and eat it. Swallow it with the help of a glass full of cold water.

Heartburn Home Remedies #7 Green Tea:

Green tea can also be considered as one of the most beneficial beverages human being has ever encountered with. It gives you the solution of a variety of problems and heart burn is one of them. When you feel heart burn, you simply need to make green tea for yourself and consume it till the problem vanishes.

Heartburn Home Remedies #8 Chewing Gum:

As it has already been stated that the main reason behind the heart burn is the inflow of the gastric fluid rather then the outflow. In such case, you can get relief only after you eat stuff that helps you in digesting the food that is causing trouble for you. Chewing gums turns out to be one of the most effective remedies of heart burn. Make sure that you chew mint flavored gum in order to tackle the problem properly.

Heartburn Home Remedies #9 Eating Almonds:

Munching a few almonds also provides you relief from the heart burn. If you are a regular patient of heart burn, make sure that you have enough quantity of almonds at your home. Whenever you encounter the heartburn problem, all you need to do is to munch some almonds and get rid of the heartburn.

Heartburn Home Remedies #10 Through Mint:

One of the most effective remedies of heart burn is mint. The process of its intake is easy. All you need to do is:

1) crush some mint leaves and make a paste out of them.

2) mix the paste in cold water and stir.

3) drink the mixture twice a day to get rid of the heartburn.


If you have to deal with the heart burn issue, you might get irritated a lot as it doesn’t let you eat your favorite food. However, if the problem doesn’t finish even after applying all the above mentioned tips, make sure to visit a doctor as the main issue might be the stomach injury.

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