DIY Homemade Sugar Scrub

DIY Homemade Sugar Scrub

DIY Homemade Sugar Scrub: Staying clean is a part of a healthy routine for people who want to live a vigorous life. Being clean and staying away from the germs is without a doubt the first thing that you need to do in order to stay healthy. However, people most of the time go beyond being healthy and concentrate on the beauty regimes and make sure that they look good by using the various kinds of DIY face cleaning methods. There are various reasons why you should be touchy about the way you look and the way your skin turns out to be. The biggest reason being the amount of pollution in the environment and its exposure with the human skin. When you go out, the germs present in the environment as well as other harmful elements cause negative issues to the skin. The dirt gets into the skin and leads to clogging the pores. These pores get dirt accumulated and you get tan. In extreme conditions, you might end up having severe level of acne on your skin. The pimples are caused by the accumulation of dirt particles inside the pores leading to acne. Therefore, it is necessary to keep on cleaning the skin deep from inside and have a clean skin all the time. There are many ways to clean the skin that include exfoliation, laser treatment, scrubbing and a lot more. You do not need to pay a lot of money from this as you can do that at home by making homemade scrubs as well.

Scrubs for skin types:

Every person has a different kind of skin and so are the products that should be used on the skin. If you have got a dry skin, you are supposed to use the products that are specified for the dry skin. On the other hand, for oily skin, you should not used oil or water based products. People who have the combination skin are usually the luckiest ones as they can use all kinds of products for themselves. If you have a dry skin, make sure that you drink plenty of water. This is because your skin lacks hydration and drinking enough water would provide it the right kind of moisture and nutrition. In addition to that, after scrubbing your skin, you need to moisture it as well so that you have a healthy skin and not a flaky one.

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Homemade scrubs VS bottles ones:

When it comes to scrubbing your face and get rid of all the dead skin, you need to be really conscious. You need to make sure that you use the right kind of product for your skin. There are a number of products available in the market but the issue is that they contain harmful chemicals in them. these products might lead to causing various issues to your skin so you need to be really careful while selecting a particle product. It is always better to use a homemade product rather than the one that you can find in the market. Using home products to scrub your face is not only beneficial but is also safe as you know that there is no harmful chemical in it.

Homemade Sugar Scrubs:

  • Sugar and lemon juice:

This scrub is good for all kinds of skins be it dry or oily. You can use it no matter when and where you want to. The best thing about this scrub is the fact that it doesn’t widen your pores but actually minimizes them. all you need to do is to take a tea spoon of sugar in your palm. Now, squeeze a lemon and put its juice onto the sugar and mix with a finger. Moisture your face a little with water and scrub your face with the DIY Homemade Sugar Scrub in circular motions. Keep rubbing for fifteen minutes and then wash off your skin with cold water.

  • Sugar and almond oil:

For people who have dry skin, using oils on the face turns out to be the best remedy. Almond oil not only provides moisture to your skin but also lightens it. All you need to do is to take a spoon of sugar and mix a spoon of almond oil in it. Scrub your face gently with this DIY Homemade Sugar Scrub and wash with warm water. This is because cold water doesn’t have an effect on oil so you need to use the warm one.

  • Sugar and honey:

Honey also has some amazing lightening and bleaching properties in it. Using it along with sugar helps you out in having the best possible skin. All you need to do is to take a bowl and put some sugar in it. Now, mix honey in it and blend the mixture well. The mixture might be a little thick so you can add a little amount of lemon juice in it as well. Scrub this DIY Homemade Sugar Scrub on the fact and repeat the process once a week to see amazing results.

  • Oatmeal and sugar:

When it comes to natural products that help in lightening the skin, one cannot forget the importance of oatmeal. It might look a little odd to you but oatmeal really helps in lightening the skin when it is used with the right kind of products. All you need to so is to take some oatmeal and mix it with sugar. Apply this DIY Homemade Sugar Scrub on the face and rub gently. Wash the face with cold water.

  • Sugar and lavender oil:

There are a lot of people who like to smell good. If you are one of them, you can use the mixture of lavender oil and sugar to scrub your face and get rid of all the accumulated dirt. You can store the mixture in a jar and use it whenever you want to. Keeping it in cool place will not cause any issue to it and you can scrub your face with the DIY Homemade Sugar Scrub at any time you want.


Scrubbing your face with these DIY Homemade Sugar Scrub is always a better option than doing it with market products. Always use sugar for the scrubbing process as it is healthy as well as beneficial for your skin.

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Homemade Orange Peel Face Mask

DIY Homemade Orange Peel Face Mask

Homemade Orange Peel Face Mask

It’s high time to ditch all the facial products that you bought from the market such as scrubs, exfoliators and face polishers and switch to the organic stuff. Yes, moving from the inorganic to the organic stuff is quite applaud-able as you do need to make an extra effort to make them but they end up satisfying you to the core. You do not have to worry about the chemicals that might affect you in the negative manner as the naturally made products are not at all harmful for you. They give you the benefit of having a better skin that is not only hydrated but is extremely moisturized.

People have now shifted their focus from the chemical rich market products to the products that are made up of organic material at home. If you also want to bring a health change in your life, you should defiantly move from the bottled products to the DIY products. Rather than buying the expensive masks from the market, you just need to make them at home with the help of the natural products that you already have. These products will help you having a clean skin that would shine better. You can make skin masks of a number of products. You can use all sorts of fruits and convert them into amazing skin polishing masks that you can use every day. These masks will not be harmful even if they are used every day. You might need to make a little extra effort than just by going to a shop and buying your favorite mask. You would have to prepare it at home all by yourself. Preparing it your self will help you In knowing that it doesn’t have any kind of chemicals.

Making skin polishing masks from various kinds of fruits is beneficial. You can either use an avocado, a banana, apple or even an orange to make a face mask. Making a face mask made up of oranges is really helpful as it helps you in bringing in the right amount of vitamin C to your skin. Vitamin C is good for your skin as it provides maximum amount of hydration as well as moisture to your skin. The process is really simple and you can make it easily by applying the bellow stated steps:

Orange Peel Face Masks

  • Orange and yogurt:

This can be considered to be the best combination that can be used by the people who have oily skin. The vitamin C present in the orange will help you in absorbing all the oil from your skin and you will be left with a manageable skin. All you need to do is to take some orange juice and mix it with three to four tea spoons of yogurt. Mix it well and as it will be a little fluidly, apply it on your face with caution. You can also take help of a cotton piece for that. Wash off your face with cold water. You would need to repeat the process thrice a week to see the results.

  • Flour and orange:

In case a liquidity mask is difficult for you to use, you can skip using yogurt and in turn you can use flour. Mix two tea spoons of the flour with orange and stir the mixture really well. Now, apply it on the skin and let it dry. When you feel like the mask has fully dried up, wash your face with cold water and clean the face with towel gently.

  • Honey and orange:

If you are looking forward to making a mask that will not only make your skin moisturized but will also lighten it, you need to use the one in which you can add orange with some amount of honey. Take some orange juice and mix it with one table spoon of honey. The mixture will be quite thick and you won’t have any issue while applying DIY Homemade Orange Peel Face Mask on your face. Wash the face after half an hour.

  • Orange peels:

The dry skin of the orange can be used in the most effective manner on the face. Take an orange and take off its skin. Let the skin dry in sunlight. When it gets dried, grate the skin and it will turn into a fine powder. This powder is of great help to you. You can mix it with milk or rose water in order to make a fine mixture. Apply that DIY Homemade Orange Peel Face Mask on your skin regularly and soon you will see positive changes on your face. You will become an owner of healthy as well as well moisturized skin.

  • Orange peel and honey:

If you have acne on your skin and you want to get rid of it soonest possible, nothing can help you better than an orange peel that is mixed with honey. All you need to do is to take powder of dry orange skin and mix it with honey. If the mixture is too thick, you can add one spoon of yogurt into it as well. The mixture turns out to be quite effective for you as it has both lightening as well as moisturizing properties in it.

  • Baking soda and orange peel:

Orange peel works wonders no matter what you mix with it. Take some orange peel and mix it with some baking soda. The properties of both these elements will mix together and will make it the best mask you can apply on your face. Mix equal amounts of orange peel as well as baking soda and apply the DIY Homemade Orange Peel Face Mask on your face. Let it stay for half an hour and then wash your face with water.


It is high time that you move from the chemical based skin products to the ones that are made up of natural products like DIY Homemade Orange Peel Face Mask. They are the best ones to be used on your skin as they are safe as well as healthy. Consistent use of these masks will turn your skin healthy as well as glowing.

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DIY Homemade Night Cream made from Apple

DIY Homemade Night Cream Made from Apple

DIY Homemade Night Cream Made from Apple: Girls are always very sensitive when it comes to their skin. They want to make sure that their skin stays healthy and vibrant at all times. This becomes necessary for the girls who go out of their houses quite a lot either for educational purposes or for a job. The pollution of the environment causes bad effects on the skin and leads to making it unhealthy. At such condition, they need to make extra efforts to maintain their skin healthy. Day creams are regular when it comes to daily health regimes of the girls. Along with the day creams, they make sure to cleanse, tone and moisturize their skins on the regular bases to keep them clean. However, it is necessary for girls to understand that excess of everything is bad. If they scrub their faces really hard to scratch away the dead skin, it might lead to harming their facial skin. At the same time, going for regular face polishing in spas might lead to harming their face in the negative manner. Making sure that you use the home made products on your face rather than the market products is necessary as they do not have any kind of chemicals in them. you can make all sorts of creams at home be them the day creams or the night creams.

Importance of a night cream:

It is a known phenomenon that your skin breaths in the night when you are sleeping. A lot of people prefer to sleep bare face without applying anything on their faces, others make sure that they have applied a moisturizing or hydrating cream on their face. There are different point of views when it comes to the application of night cream. If you are in the favor or night creams, you need to make sure that you use the one that you can make at home with natural products. Exposing your skin to harmful chemicals of ready-made night creams might lead to long term negative effects on your skin. The skin might start looking good for a while but the chemicals will end up causing grave issues to the skin in the long term. There are many ways through which you can make homemade night creams with the help of a simple fruits apple.

Why is an apple cream effective?

The main reason why apple made cream used at night is the best thing you can ever have is the presence of vitamin A and B in it. It not only hydrates your skin but also provides you the best kind of moisture and an instant brightness as well. Applying it for a consistent period will show off some really amazing results.

Making apple night cream is really easy and its recipe is explained bellow in detail.

Homemade Night Cream Made from Apple process:

The process of making an DIY Homemade Night Cream Made from Apple is really easy and effortless. You do not need to go to extra lengths making an effort for the cream to be made. You would just require two apples, olive oil ( or ay other essential oil), some rose water and a jar.

The process is really simple. Start off by taking the apples and peel off the skin of the apples. Now, cut the apples in small pieces and place them in a bowl. Take a blender and put the small pieces of apple in it. Make sure that the pieces of the apple are small enough to be blended easily. Now, add some water in the blender to let it blend effortlessly. Take a pan and fill it with water. Now, take another small pan and put the blended apple paste in it. Take the olive oil and the rose water and mix them with the apple mixture. Make sure to stir the mixture thoroughly so that all the ingredients added to it become uniform. Let the mixture cool and then put it in a jar. Place the jar in the refrigerator so that you can use it easily for a longer period of time.

Apply the DIY Homemade Night Cream Made from Apple on your face every night before going off to the bed. Wash off your face in the morning and you will start seeing amazing results.

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Banana Deep Hair Conditioner

DIY Homemade Banana Deep Hair Conditioner

DIY Homemade Banana Deep Hair Conditioner: A lot of people are quite particular about their hair. They want to make sure that their hair always remain healthy as well as shiny. A balding head is a nightmare for everyone. Be it a girl or a boy. Girls are specially very touchy about their hair and make sure that they take all kinds of hair treatments to make their hair look good. They apply a number of hair oils no doubt how sticky they would be . they apply a number of homemade remedies in the hope of having longer and stronger hair. Shampooing hair is an important step of taking care of the hair. At the same time, one needs to condition them so that they do not end up being dry or flaky. When you shampoo your hair, the scalp gets cleaned and all the dust and germs that had taken a place there get away from the head. However, this step leads to making hair dry. This specially happens when the shampoo contains SLS in it. SLS is a chemical that makes the shampoo get foamy and you feel fresh while using it. These chemicals have long term effects and later on make your hair damaged from the tips.

Why is Conditioning Important:

Applying conditioner on your hair is extremely important. When you condition your hair, your hair end up with a smooth sensation. The dryness caused by the shampoo reduces and you can feel visible smoothness as well as softness in your hair. However, you need to make sure that you do not use the conditioner on the scalp. There are many people who do that little do they know that applying conditioner on the scalp has grave issues. The scalp gets extra moisture and leads to hair getting flaky. Always apply conditioner to the hair from the tips till the scalp and leave the scalp as it is. For the people who are even more particular about their hair, leave in conditioners can be applied on hair after washing them off. These leave in conditioners help you having soft hair and you can brush the hair easily, you do not have to rinse your hair after applying the leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioners provide the best kind of moisture to your hair.

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The alternatives:

Conditioners can be expensive and everyone might not be able to afford them. if you have the same issue, you do not need to worry. There are a number of other ways through which you can condition your hair without having to buy the expensive conditioner bottles. There are many ways through which you can make homemade conditioners and then apply them on your hair. Bananas are the perfect fruits to be applied on hair If you have dry hair. The conditioning properties of bananas work really well when they are applied on the hair.

Banana Deep Hair Conditioning:

  • In order to make DIY Homemade Banana Deep Hair Conditioner mask, you just need to take one over ripped banana and mash it in a bowl. Over ripped bananas work perfect as a conditioner. Now, take two tea spoons of olive oil and mix them with banana. One tea spoon of honey will make the mask even more effective. Now, apply the mixture on your hair from tips to roots. Wear a hair cap and if you want to make it work effectively, you can sleep in it. Otherwise, take a dryer and apply the heat on your scalp. It will help the mixture getting absorbed in the scalp. Wash off your hair after half an hour and you will see instant results. Apply this method every week and your dry hair will soon convert into soft feathers.
  • In the second method to make DIY Homemade Banana Deep Hair Conditioner, you can take one banana and mash it up. Now take one avocado and mix it with the mashed banana. Add some coconut milk into it and mix the whole mixture thoroughly. Apply onto hair for half an hour and wash off with cold water.

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DIY Aloe Vera Mask for Acne

DIY Aloe Vera Mask for Acne

Aloe Vera Mask for Acne Scars

DIY Aloe Vera Mask for Acne: A lot of people are not aware of the importance of aloe Vera. They just consider it to be a plant that is there in the garden to enhance its beauty. There is no doubt in the fact that aloe Vera is a beautiful plant that makes your garden appear greener and enhances its appeal. However, aloe Vera should not be considered to be just a plant that provides beauty to the onlookers. Aloe Vera, in reality, is a magical plant that can help you in a number of ways. From being helpful when you have issues related to beauty or helping you out in the health related problems, aloe Vera doesn’t it all. It is without a doubt a magical plant that you need to have in your house no matter what. However, make sure that you do not place it indoors. It is necessary to place the plant out in the air as it provides it the right kind of air and the adequate amount of sunlight. Sunlight is necessary for this plant as it helps you in making sure that it grows in the best possible manner.

Advantages of aloe Vera:

From the health point of view, aloe versa is important as it helps you out in various kinds of health issues. If you have a digestion problem that reduces the ability of your digestive system to digest the food, drinking aloe Vera juice will do wonders. In the same manner, drinking aloe Vera juice when you feel bloating or gas in your belly is also beneficial. Along with the health point of view, aloe Vera is good enough while talking about beauty. If you have got scars on your face, applying aloe Vera gel on them helps you in reducing those spots. Along with that, if you have got dry hands, all you need to do is to rub aloe Vera dell on the surface of the skin and it will get back to the normal position.

What kind of aloe Vera should you use:

Where most of the people buy bottled aloe Vera from market, it might not be the best decision by your side. The bottled ale Vera is not as beneficial as you consider it to be because it contains a number of chemicals in it that lowers it beneficial properties. The best option therefore is to have an aloe Vera plant in home and take out its leaf whenever you need to use it. Cut the leaf in the horizontal direction and slit out the gel from inside with the help of a spoon. Apply the gel on the affected area.

Is aloe Vera effective?

Aloe Vera works wonders if you have acne. Acne Scars Treatment is something that most of the people seek to look for as they have to deal with the acne issue at least once in their lifetime. There are many reasons why you might need to visit a doctor to make sure the scar doesn’t remain there on your face forever. Reasons why people might develop acne on their face and body are numerous, the penetration of the bacteria being the most prominent ones.

What is acne?

When the Bacteria finds a place inside the pores of the skin, the sweat glands start acting crazy and lead to the accumulation of dirt on the surface of the skin leading to the appearance of a huge pimple on your skin. However, if you have encountered the issue and are not sure what to do to get rid of it, you do not need to panic. There are many ways that can help you out in getting rid of that ugly pimple making you feel uncomfortable in a crowd. Rather than stressing out yourself and causing more pimples on your pretty face, you need to check out the diverse home remedies for scars people say are effective. Try not to touch the pimple or squeeze the dirt out of it as it might lead to a permanent damage to your skin. In spite of that, just wait patiently and let the bubble burst itself! After you feel like the acne has been healed, now it is the right time to apply the home remedies that would fade out the scar. Using an Acne Scars Cream would either turn out to be the best decision you have taken for yourself or might lead to an absolute catastrophe. If you are not a supporter of taking risks, avoid utilizing the fade out creams. Many people do not know how to get rid of acne scars without taking help from a doctor.

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Homemade Aloe Vera Mask for Acne:

  • All you need to make aloe Vera mask for acne is to take out the gel of the aloe Vera plant and place it in a container. Now, you need to take a lemon and squeeze out its juice. Add it with the gel and mix properly. Apply the mixture on your face before going to the bed every night and wash off your face with clear water in the morning. The aloe Vera has healing properties that will heal up the acne and lemon has got bleaching properties that will reduce the scar.
  • If you want your face to get rid of the excessive acne you can use aloe Vera in the form of a scrub. All you need to made aloe Vera mask for acne is to take out some gel of the plant and place it in a bowl. Now, take one tea spoon of brown sugar and scrub your face with the help of a little water. Rub the face in circular motion and then wash your face with water.
  • The third aloe Vera mask for acne that you can use for your acne is by mixing the aloe Vera gel with some amount of almond oil and banana. Mix the solution quite well and add a little rose water to make the mixture a little concentrated. Apply it on your face evenly and was off after ten minutes. Repeat the whole process once every three days.

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