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top 10 Home Remedies For Foot Tendonitis

Top 10 Home Remedies For Foot Tendonitis

Top 10 Home Remedies For Foot Tendonitis: Health is indeed a wealth and its importance is known to the people who have to deal with various kinds of diseases and health concerns. The worse kind of health issue that you have to deal with is the one in which you find it difficult to do your daily chores. The diseases that occur to your hands and feet are undoubtedly the most difficult ones to deal with. One of such diseases is Tendonitis which makes the life of the victim miserable. Tendons are the strings of tissues which append the issues that remain to be worked out. Muscles contract with a specific end goal to make tendons move your bones. At the point when these get aggravated they lose the capacity to float easily and development gets to be difficult. Foot tendonitis is painful and can turn into a serious issue in the event that it repeats frequently. If you are one of those people who love to be a part of activities that require sharp and extensive body movements, you might become a victim of it.

Foot tendonitis is a disease which is brought about by the quick paced, contemporary way of life that we lead and it constrains us to remain for extended periods on our feet. The inordinate swelling of the feet because of huge irritation of the Tendonitis can prompt this condition which in extreme points might lead to the inability of a person to move. This condition actually occurs because of the intense band of stringy connective tissues which attaches the muscles deep down. Taking part in physical games and moving in an insignificant way leads to this condition most of the times.  Foot tendonitis means aggravation and disturbance of the tendons of the foot. A tendon is the band of tissue that appends muscle to bone. It is brought about by extreme utilization of the foot zone. It can be because of an assortment of exercises that requires over the top standing. Other contributing variables are ineffectively fitted shoes, bone goads and diabetes. If you are dealing with this disease, do not worry as there are some ways through which you can get rid of Foot Tendonitis. Top 10 home remedies for foot tendonitis are explained below.

Home Remedies For Foot Tendonitis:

Home Remedies For Foot Tendonitis


It might be a little weird for you but cabbage leaves do help you in this condition. For this, you need to put them in some water for 60 minutes. After doing that, just press the leaves on the influenced region of the foot and afterward delicately wrap a spotless cotton material to adequately hold it in the correct position. Keep the cabbage out there on this position for the whole night and you will see the pain has gone in the morning.


Vinegar is also one of the best remedies of Foot Tendonitis. Exchanging in the middle of hot and cool vinegar wraps can cure foot tendonitis. Putting in pressure on the affected area using the vinegar leads to quick relief from the pain. To set up the hot and icy vinegar arrangement blend measures of vinegar and boiling point water in one dish. Now, Plunge a length of material in the hot vinegar. Wring out the extra vinegar and tie the material firmly around your feet. Following several minutes, loosen the fabric and dunk it wide open to the harsher elements vinegar arrangement.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is a powerful home solution for tendonitis because of its mitigating properties. You can also include two teaspoons of natural apple juice vinegar to a glass of warm water. Now, blend in one teaspoon of nectar and drink this a few times day by day.


One of the best cures of this disease is flour glue as it can be utilized to treat foot tendonitis in the shortest possible time. All you need to do is to blend two tablespoons of flour in equivalent amount of white wine and keep on mixing it. You need to mix it till the time when it looks like glue. Now, apply this smooth glue on the sore territories of the influenced feet. Leave this area for an hour and repeat the process next day if required.

Heating process:

When you apply the heat on the area that causes you troubling pain, heat application helps you a lot. Applying heat by a warming cushion for around more than half an hour a day encourages in conveying more blood to the influenced foot territory. These aides in diminishing the bothering or aggravation brought on and upgrades recuperating. If you keep on repeating this process, you will be able to get rid of the pain in a small period of time.

Olive Oil:

Warm olive oil stirs blood stream and at the same time, it decreases aggravation of the tendonitis pain. All you need to do is to gently warm a few tablespoons of olive oil in a pan and then exchange the warm oil to a dish. Now, you need to utilize your fingertips to tenderly back rub the warm oil into the feet. Permit the warm oil to stay on your feet for two or three minutes and after that wipe the overabundance oil off with a wet fabric.

Epsom Salt:

You can also use Epsom salt in this process as this is a basic approach to treat foot tendonitis. Absorb your foot warm water containing Epsom salt. The warmth of the warm water will have a superb recuperating impact on your foot. The magnesium sulfate present in Epsom salt will give magnesium to the body. It will likewise advance unwinding and detoxification and will help you in getting rid of the pain soonest possible with you having to go for any kind of medication.


Asparagus helps people in flushing out the abundance liquid and wastage from the body and it acts as a characteristic diuretic. It will help in diminishing torment and the swelling on your foot because of foot tendonitis. It is perfect that you expend asparagus on the off chance that you are experiencing foot tendonitis.

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