Top 10 Kitchen Ingredients that Work like Medicine

Top 10 Kitchen Ingredients that Work like Medicine

Top 10 Kitchen Ingredients that Work like Medicine: life is unpredictable and anybody can get effected by any kind of health issue at any point of time in his life. These health issues might appear all of the sudden when a person is not prepared for the health concern and might not have enough time and money to go to the doctor. Paying a visit to a doctor might not always be the first option or the only option to avail. You can take help from abundant of food items that are present at home and can help you in treating whatever health issue you are dealing with. Yes, you read it right! You do not need to pay hundreds of bucks to the doctor and buy the medicine, you can simply go to the kitchen and take help from certain super foods that are there for your help. Nature has been kind on human and has provided so many facilities that he can use whenever he wants to. All he needs to do is to use some brain and make sure that he tries to treat the health issue soonest possible. Once he gets late, he might not be able to treat it and the only option left to him might be of visiting the doctor. There are numerous food items that you can use and they work as magic when you are dealing with some kind of health issue.

List of Top 10 Kitchen Ingredients that Work like Medicine

  • Turmeric:

turmeric tops the list of the food items that you need to take when you have a bad health condition. Turmeric can also be considered as a magic spice that helps you in getting rid of as any diseases as possible. Turmeric has a number of properties in it. From being antitoxic to anti inflammatory, it has every possible characteristic in it. The antitoxic property of turmeric helps you in getting rid of the toxicity of your body. It flushes all the toxicity away from your body. At the same time, the inflammation caused in your body can also be treated with the help of it. Internal as well as external injuries can be treated and you get to have a healthy body if you intake turmeric in a regular manner. Al you need to do is to add this spice in your daily meals.

  • Ginger:

While taking about the food items that are anti-inflammatory, one cannot forget the importance and significance of ginger, ginger is without any doubt the best food item to be added in the daily meal when one needs to get away from the inflammation that has occurred either inside or outside his body. The number of elements that are present in ginger such as magnesium, Silicon and potassium make it an amazing food product that can be best used as a medicine.

  • Cinnamon:

While talking about ginger and turmeric, one cannot ignore the importance of cinnamon. Cinnamon also comes with the most amazing and best antiseptic properties. If you have got an internal injury or you feel like you are way too tired, you need to consume it daily and soon enough, you will get back to your normal self. If you are someone who has a weak internal system and cannot fight off disease, it is the best food item to be eaten.

  • Garlic:

No one can forget the importance of garlic. Garlic acts as the best antiseptic due to the presence of abundance of chlorine in it. If you catch cold quite a lot, you can get rid of it simply by adding garlic in your daily meal. Additionally, make garlic paste and freeze it in a refrigerator. Eating it along with honey daily will strengthen you from inside.

  • Onion:

Asthma is a common disease among many people and most of the people cannot go to the doctor to get it treated immediately. In such situation, you need to take in onion in access amount in your daily meal and it will help you having lesser attacks of asthma. This is because of its carminative  properties. Along with asthma, it also treats sore gums.

  • Honey:

For the health issues that include fungal attack, nothing is better than Honey. Honey is that natural product that has antifungal in it and makes it easier for you to treat the fungus. You do not need to go to a doctor and can treat your health issues sitting at home. The presence of zinc, iron as well as copper in it make it a desirable product to use while treating ulcer as well.

  • Lemon:

People who suffer from throat infections or sore throat, lemon turns out to be the best home remedy for them. honey has got countless properties in it. From being antioxidant to therapeutic properties, honey ash got them all. Even if you have a minor headache, you can add lemon in milk and it will give you instant relief. It is antioxidant and flushes out all the toxicity from your body.

  • Coriander:

coriander  is basically a leafy plant whose leafs can be taken and grated into powder. This grated paste can be used in a number of ways and it successfully helps you in getting rid of a number of health issues. If you do not want to use the leafs, you can use its seeds. Its seeds have vitamin B6 that helps you getting rid of a number of skin diseases. Additionally, if you are dealing with stomach pain, the paste of the seeds helps you in getting rid of it soonest possible.

  • Pepper:

While talking about spices that are good for health, one cannot ignore the importance of black and white pepper. These pepper are amazing if you have any stomach issue and provide instant relief to you.

  • Cumin :

Cumin  is also a spice that works best for human body. The issues related to digestive system can be treated with the help of it and at the same time, they help in strengthening the immune system.