Top 10 Vitamins for Women

Top 10 Vitamins for Women

Top 10 Vitamins for Women: There is no doubt in the fact that women are known to be physically more hardworking as compared to men. Where men just have look forward to their 9 to 5 jobs, women not only have to do job in some cases but also have to raise the children, take good care of the family, make sure that the house is clean and deal with the daily house chores. This makes it difficult for them to have a vigorous and a well performing body for all their lives. There comes a time in a woman’s life when her body starts falling apart. She doesn’t find it easy to do the daily house related activities the ones that she used to do in a quick manner before. One of the main reason behind it is the fact that women have to give birth to their babies. Giving birth to a child is definitely not an easy task. It causes harm to your body from inside and at that time it is necessary for them to take the vitamins and other elements such as calcium and protein to make their body work. There are lots of supplements that are available in the market and you can take them in order to get rid of the deficiency of the elements from your body. However, you must do it only after asking for assistance from your doctor. Do not go for any kind of supplement all by yourself and without taking advice from your doctor. This is because if you take in the wrong kind of supplements, it might lead to causing damage to your internal structure and cause more harm than benefit to you. However, before you decide which vitamin is necessary for you, this article comes up with various kinds of vitamins that your body might be deficient in. Top 10 vitamins for women are explained below

Top 10 Vitamins for Women List

  • Vitamin B1 for Women:

When you keep on eating the daily food, it might not provide you much energy In your body in order to perform your daily functions if the carbohydrates in them do not break down and provide you the energy. This is because of the deficiency of vitamin B1 in your body. Its deficiency leads to the accumulation of carbohydrates and you cannot use the energy as the cabs do not get broken down. Along with the breakage of carbs, the vitamin B1 helps you in having an efficient and working nervous system keeping your body working in the best manner. Along with that, it helps your cells growing. You can get vitamin B1 from seeds as well as beans.

  • Vitamin B2 for Women:

Vitamin B2 is also one of the most important elements you need to have in your body to have an efficient and working system. It is specially important for women as it helps providing them the energy that would be required to them in getting done with the day to day chores. You can obtain this vitamin from milk as it is one of the best sources of vitamin B2. Drinking a glass of milk daily keeps you active as well as efficient all day long.

  • Vitamin B3 for Women:

Women are generally considered to be emotionally weak as compared to men. They tend to get nervous as well as anxious faster than man. This is the main reason why it is necessary for them to have a balanced diet in which they can have a good amount of vitamin B3 as it makes their nervous system stronger. Along with a healthy nervous system, you get to have a fine digestive system as well that makes it easier for women to digest the stuff they eat and use its energy in the various daily activities. This vitamin can be obtained from chicken as well as turkey.

  • Vitamin C for Women:

The deficiency of vitamin C leads to various kinds of issues in a human body. The deficiency of this vitamin in a woman’s body especially leads to making her inner system go weak and she tends to catch cold and other viral diseases faster. If you want to have a strong immune system, make sure that you eat enough oranges as well as papya and it will give you a high amount of vitamin C in your body.

  • Biotin for Women:

The issue of a slow level of flow of blood amongst women is a vast one. Women have the issue of having a slower or lower flow of blood inside their body that makes the various parts of their body work slower. Having enough amount of biotin in your body makes it easier for you to have enough amount of blood in your body, biotin can be obtained from tomatoes and almonds.

  • Folic acid for Women:

One of the most important nutrients that a women should have in all hid meal in excess amount is folic acid. Folic acid makes you stronger from inside if you have just delivered a baby. In addition to that, if you have just become pregnant or are about to deliver a baby, you need to eat those food items that are rich in folic acid such as fish and spinach.

  • Vitamin A for Women:

Women who have a weak body and their bones keep on aching all the time need to have enough amount of vitamin A in your body. Vitamin A specially makes your bones stronger and you do not have to worry about the joints aching while moving. The best sources to get vitamin A are potatoes and spinach.

  • Vitamin D for Women:

When it comes to talking about the weaker bones, another vitamin that makes your bones stronger is vitamin D. vitamin D penetrates inside your body and makes your bones stronger. The best and cheapest source of vitamin D is sunlight. However, you can have it with the help of eggs and salmons.

  • Vitamin E for Women:

After delivering a baby, vitamin E is the most important element to have in your body. In order to make your body in toxic of all the toxic material, you need to have enough amount of vitamin E in your body. You can obtain this vitamin from olives as well as green leafs.

  • Vitamin K for Women:

Vitamin K is the most underrates vitamin and people usually do not pay much attention to it. However, it is important as its deficiency might lead to blood clots. This vitamin can be obtained from broccoli and lettuce.