What is Anemia and How to Avoid Anemia?

Anemia is one of the most difficult as well as wide disease that a lot of people have to deal with. Anemia is mostly a disease that effects young people mostly the ones who are in their teen age. You can see the teenagers getting effected by anemia when they are in their schools or collages. Getting involved in various kinds of school activities and that too in the summer season leads to the issue of anemia. The main reason behind anemia is getting exhausted. People who are involved with strenuous health related activities specially when they do not have the capacity to do that, have to deal with the issue of anemia. Anemia is not a difficult disease but in order to get to know what it actually is, you need to know the breathing manner.

Why does anemia occur?

This occurs when the people who breath have to deal with the issue of their breath stocking in the lungs. When the normal people breath, the oxygen doesn’t stay in the lungs even for a spit second. If the breath stuck in the lungs, the required amount of oxygen is not transferred to the rest of the body. All the organs of out body require a specific amount of oxygen in order to function in the right manner. If your organs do not get the right amount of oxygen, they might end up not working in the proper manner. This problem is known as anemia. Neither do the organs of the body nor the tissues of the body get the specified amount of oxygen that is required to them function in the best possible manner. The red blood cells are required to have the proper supply of the oxygen that doesn’t happen if the breath stuck in the lungs.

The importance of oxygen:

Oxygen is necessary to reach all the red blood cells present in body. This happens when the right amount of oxygen travels all the way through the blood. This leads to the working of hemoglobin in the right way. Hemoglobin is basically a protein that has the responsibility of providing oxygen to all the parts of the body. Production of hemoglobin is necessary if you want your body organs to have the right amount of oxygen and work properly. One thing that helps in the production of hemoglobin is iron. So, in order to avoid the issue of anemia, you need to make sure that you intake the right amount of iron in your diet to let the oxygen move to all parts of the body.

Red blood cells and anemia:

Now, we can easily explain how does anemia occur. Anemia occurs when the production of red blood cells in the body get lesser than what it should be. Red blood cells might get lost in the body or their production might get slower as compared to the regular production of the cells. In addition to that, there is a possibility that due to any reason, you body might act up in destroying the already present red blood cells in the body. All these issues lead to lowering the amount of red blood cells in the body and cause anemia to the body.

Loss of blood:

When the blood of a person starts losing the red blood cells it might be because of the reason that he is losing blood due to any reason. The loss of blood leads to the loss of red blood cells automatically that consequently leads to the issue of lowering down the red blood cells. For girls, the issue of anemia might occur of the loss of blood because of periods of menses so we can say it is more common in girls than boys.

The deficiency of iron:

The deficiency of iron is one of the main reasons behind anemia. Now, it happens when your diet doesn’t provide you enough amount of iron. Eating food items that lack iron is a reason why you might lose red blood cells and get anemic.

How to avoid anemia:

While growing up, the body changes in a lot of ways. When a person is growing up, he needs to have a lot of things that are necessary for him such as elements like iron and proteins. In order to avoid the issue of anemia, it is necessary for the growing up children provide the diet that is sufficient in iron.